Yosemite National Park in California spans roughly 750,000 acres. It has been a UNSECO World Heritage Site since 1984.

The images above are displayed in a Jetpack Tiled Gallery block. The gallery block is contained within a Group block. The Group block is set to full width and has a dark background.

Published by glendawisebooks

Glenda is a lover of adventure travel, and has visited more than forty countries. She is an author/illustrator, living an idyllic life between art and travel, and continues to teach painting and drawing in her private studio in Belgrave Heights, Victoria, Australia. Glenda has written about her travels off the beaten track, trekking, cycling, exploring, often at altitude, visiting cultures which are remote and ancient in their customs and lifestyles. Outside the scope of high end travel staying in luxury hotels or resorts, the true essence of a remote experience for Glenda, requires sleeping in tents, tea houses, boats, yurts, riads, caves, trucks or under the wing of her brother's aeroplane. She has had many epic experiences through safe travel on a comparative shoestring with the right support through World Expeditions.

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